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Are you checking for bed bugs when you travel?

If you travel a lot, then bedbugs should be high on your radar. Their prevalence happens to be on the rise in hotels and motels, so you ought to take the necessary measures to ensure that they don’t make a feast out of you, and most importantly, that you don’t take them home with you!  Here are some tips to [...]

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6 Reasons to Love Natural Pesticides

In our efforts to nurture a healthy garden by protecting our plants from pests and diseases, choosing a pesticide that’s healthy to use, and poses less risk to our health and the environment should be our main concern, and that’s why natural pesticides are the perfect choice.Using natural pesticides may sound a little old-fashioned, but it is a lot [...]

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Top Cities for Bedbugs in 2014

Chicago once again tops the list, but for nothing glamorous, just bedbugs! At least according to the report by Orkin, a national pest control company. The list ranks the top 50 cities by the number of bedbug treatments the company performed there in 2014.The top ten worst bed bug cities are:1.Chicago2. Detroit3. Columbus, OH4. Los Angeles5. Cleveland, Akron, Canton, OH6.Dallas [...]

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Bed Bug Life Cycle

What is the life cycle of a bed bug?Bed bug breeding depends on temperature, food access, available mates, and other environmental issues. Bed bugs go through 5 stages of growth and all require blood to grow. Only final stage adult bed bugs can produce eggs.The bed bug feeds for 3 to 10 minutes and they typically bite you while [...]

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Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches at home can seem like a never ending battle. Here are some tips for safe ways to get rid of cockroaches:Starve them out Keep your meals in a sealed containerMake sure your trash can is covered with a tight lid so that cockroaches cannot get in there and search for foodSpills, leftover meals, etc. should be cleaned up [...]

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Pesticide Poisoning - The Basics

While pesticides are in wide use around the world, most people are not familiar with the effects it can have when not used properly or accidentally ingested. We are going to cover what it is, how to detect it, prevention and medical treatment of pesticide poisoning. Do not take the content here as expert medical advice and if you suspect that you [...]

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What is Boric Acid?

Boric Acid is well-known to effectively get rid of your pests in your house, but is also considered to be listed in the group of very harmful pesticides. There is pros and cons to using Boric Acid, but more negatives come out of it than positives.Boric Acid is classified as a poisonBy default like a lot of products [...]

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3 Toxic Pesticide Chemicals

It seems like there is nothing more disgusting than pests invading our homes. Roaches, ants, flies, and spiders make our skin crawl just thinking about their creepy, crawly, filthy ways. Unfortunately, the one thing more noxious than bugs in the home are the toxic chemicals we feel forced to use to kill them. Most household pesticides [...]

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