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Ants Invading Your Picnic

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I don't know about you but I love a picnic. The sweet smell of fresh cut grass, that distinct smell of charcoal and hamburgers that signifies summertime, and the sounds of kids playing all around me. Good times, indeed. What I don't enjoy about a picnic is the wasps that show up to help your drink your soda, the mosquitos that thinks I'm a part of the menu, and the red ants that want to share in the chips and burgers I paid for. 

Worker ants are told by the Queen to go get food and bring it back. They don't care whose food it is. They see nothing wrong with invading your lovely picnic, walking over your legs, and even up your can of cola to get what they need. Depending on where you live and the breed of ant, you may also find yourself being stung by the little nippers. This is why I always bring a natural ant killer like Scraminator with me to place all around the picnic blanket or table.

We've written about ants before. They're social creatures who do a lot of scouting and assessment before moving into an area. If you are a picnic or outdoor barbecue type like myself you are putting up a big neon sign to ants that they ought to move into your neighborhood by the amount of food that you are cooking outdoors. It's best to deal with the ant problem before it gets out of control by using natural pesticides for ants all around your deck or patio area, and around the doors that lead into your home. Ants are rude. They have zero problems with breaking and entering.

Natural pest control is the safest way to deal with ants, especially if you have pets or children. No one likes to spray those smelly bug sprays filled with chemicals around kids, pets or the food.  Scraminator can be spread all around without worry that your children, pets, or your food will be injured by it, and will act as a sleeper bomb on those pesky fire ants that bite and sting and generally mess up a good day as they take the dust back to their queen.