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The truth about ants

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A little about Ants

In scientific terms ants are, along with bees, the most famous of eusocial insects (insects that live in organized colonies). They are members of the Formicidae family and are actually related to wasps, both belonging to the order Hymenoptera. If you look at one you can see how the body is similar, sans wings. It is the eusocial aspect of ants which makes them both fascinating and annoying. Having an ant colony take up residence inside the home if highly problematic as they will do their jobs to gather food for the colony and oftentimes make your countertops look like the ant version of the Fellowship of the Ring as they march for (ant) miles just to take the cookie crumb to (ant) Mordor. They can be easily killed by your legion of Orcs, however (natural ant killer that you sprinkle around the bottom of cabinets). Ants are highly susceptible to natural pesticides and will also unwittingly take the dust back to their home to “feed” their friends.

Red versus Black Ants

If you see ants in your home, they are most-likely black ants. Black ants are the less aggressive ant that you will see being attacked by red ants quite a bit outdoors. In fact, for the breads and circuses type you can watch red and black ants battle on Youtube. Black ants live in trees or populate in the area beneath your kitchen sink. Red ants come in many varieties (there are over 14,000 types of ants in the world) but all of them bite. When they bite, it stings like fire—hence the term “fire ant” for a malicious little tiny ant that has taken up residence in the American South and moving north as “climate change” makes the conditions more suitable for them. Like the black ants, natural pesticides for ants work on these aggressive little creatures. Don't let the movie “The Ant Bully” dissuade you from doing what is right when it comes to red ants in your back yard. Red ants are directly contributive to the decline of lizards and bird populations in the south because these bad boys swarm and then eat them.

Natural pest control for red ants enables you to get the deed done without harming your vegetation or the animal live that requires it to live.