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Weevils Weevils Everywhere But Not A Rice to Eat!

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Rice Weevils

Rice Weevils are an insidious pest much like their cousin the Lesser Bore Weevil. Their small size (less than 2MM long) makes them not always easy to see until the infestation becomes large. Typically, they find their ways into pantrys and cupboards through the products themselves. No one likes a hitchhiker, especially those that live in your food which is why people search for safe ways to rid their homes of these critters.

Understanding an insect can help you to avoid coming into contact with them, as well as, help you figure out how to get rid of them once you discover their presence. The weevils trip to your pantry begins in the grain fields. Weevils attack and infest corn, rice, and wheat crops where they not only feast themselves on the grains, but use those grains as an incubator for their eggs. Adult rice weevils lay their eggs inside of the grains themselves where they pupate until they later emerge as an adult weevil. Females lay up to 2 eggs a day and upwards of 300 eggs in their two year lifespan. Considering that just one weevil can lay 150 eggs in their laying season it is easy to see how someone can have a weevil free home, buy the wrong bag of rice and end up with an infestation.

Rice weevils can be killed by freezing them which is why it is important to purchase your rice and grains from companies who have strict quality control measures in both field and factory.

If, however, you've been unlucky enough to end up with rice weevils in your cupboards you can begin the process of ridding yourself of their presence by throwing out your rice and grains. Unlike their cousin the Lesser Bore they are not paper eaters. The next step would be to use a natural pesticide like our Scraminator product to kill any stragglers that are left behind. Sprinkle the mixture on your pantry shelves and wait. The product works within 48 hours. You may want to continue use of the product for several months just in case they managed to lay eggs in a grain or two you may have missed. When it comes to pest control, better safe than sorry!

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