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What Chemicals Are You Using to Keep Fleas from Your Pet?

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Itchy DogAs a pet owner, I want to make sure my animals get the best care.  One of my biggest concerns with pets is fleas.  However, using harsh chemicals, is just as concerning not only for my pet but for my kids.

I used to use Advantage flea control on my pet until she lost all her hair and looked like a giant version of one of those Sphynx cats. Imagine a 120 lb naked from the shoulders back Saint Bernard. The vet kept testing her for every disease that would cause hair loss—including fleas, by the way. Nothing. I then heard from a friend (you know how that works) that the same thing happened to her pet after she used a chemical flea killer. Now I cannot prove that it was a chemical flea killer that turned my house into a nudist colony for pets, but her hair started growing back as the chemical left her system. I do know that I now use natural methods to control fleas at my house. Natural pest control takes more time and more effort, but no one is getting sick and no one is losing their hair anymore.

Organic pesticides have been used by people for hundreds of years. Chemical products are the result of modern people being less diligent with cleaning or controlling bugs. Because they are so harsh they do the job quickly but they are also dangerous to humans and animals. Pick up a flea spray and read it. There are warning labels all over it about keeping it out of your pets mouth or out of their eyes. How on earth can you do that when dogs and cats especially lick themselves? If a cat isn't sleeping, it's cleaning itself. What we do is purchase organic flea collars, use dog and cat beds made from cedar, and wipe our pets down with a solution we make using cedar.

We also take our natural pest control product, Scraminator, and use it around beds, sofas, carpets and by doors and windows. I also put up flea lights and then lay on the Scraminator a little thicker in those areas. Natural pesticides are not as effective on fleas because they jump, instead of crawl, but they are also a lot less dangerous. I don't have to worry about naked pets or pets that get sick and have liver damage from the treatment I give them for fleas. I don't have to worry about the kids hugging the pets or putting them near their face because of the pesticides. We can just keep on loving the pet as we always do.