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What are earwigs?

Earwigs are a small insect with an elongated body, and a pair of extremities terminally located resembling pincers. Female earwigs are known to parent their eggs and young until they grow to adults.

Picture of earwig

What are signs of earwigs?

It is typical for earwigs to congregate around homes where moist soil surrounds foundations. They can be found around large accumulations of leaves, rotting plant debris contained within soil, and within some live plants containing tender weeds. As long as earwigs can find conditions that are adequate for eating, rearing their young, and hiding, they will live there.

How to get rid of earwigs?

If you find earwigs, you should remove as much of the leaves that have accumulated, as well as the rotting plant debris. Make every attempt to dry out the soil surrounding the foundation as much as possible by addressing any drainage issues that may be occurring. You can sprinkle Scram Crawling Insect Killer in these areas to kill the earwigs.  Also make sure that any plants that are near the home are not being overwatered.

If you find earwigs inside, vacuum them up immediately, and seal any cracks you find in windows and doors where they may be crawling through. Clean the area thoroughly with a solution of vinegar and water to kill any leftover eggs and bacteria. Use of Scram Crawling Insect Killer along the cracks of walls, in doorframes, and in window cracks to get rid of earwigs. Be sure to sprinkle some Scram Crawling Insect Killer in the basement, as well.