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What is SCIK?

What is SCIK?

Scraminator is the natural way to kill crawling insects in 48 hours or less!  Yes, it works!

If you have crawling insects invading your home, apartment or commercial property, you might be tempted to grab the first product with a skull and crossbones on the label and start spraying like mad. But many of these products can prove harmful, not only to your six-legged residents but to your two-legged and four-legged ones as well. Many insect killers rely on highly toxic materials to do the job, but that kind of overkill isn't necessary anymore. 

Scraminator Crawling Insect Killer is a homeowner, landlord or tenant's dream because it kills bugs safely and deodorizes at the same time. Scram contains natural ingredients that will not harm people and pets. 

It will kill bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and other crawling bugs within 48 hours.  Simply spread the material on carpets, mattresses, in crevices, cracks, pipes, drains, foundations, stairwells, baseboards and other areas commonly used as access points for pests. You can also spread it into manure, compost, mulch, animal burrows and other outdoor "insect magnets". A single thin layer should be sufficient, and you can repeat the treatment as often as necessary. The bugs will be dead in 48 hours or less.

Stop filling your home or apartment with toxic chemicals. Use Scraminator Crawling Insect Killer and attack your pests, not your people!

Scraminator Crawling Insect Killer can be used in places such as apartments, motels, daycare centers, restaurants, hospitals, industrial settings, homes and public transportation.